Dad Is Driving Pregnant Wife To Routine Checkup When She Delivers Baby With 3 Kids In Back Seat

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Rudia Napier was nearing the end of her fourth pregnancy, but she still had a few more weeks to go when she and her family headed to her checkup. 

Well… she thought she still had a few more weeks to go. 

Rudia was heading to the hospital in Nevada with her husband, Michael Addison, and their three kids. They were totally oblivious to the dramatic scene about to unfold. 

They were minutes away from the hospital when Rudia went into labor unexpectedly and started screaming bloody murder — with her shocked husband behind the wheel and confused children crying in the back seat. 

Big brother Jayden, 10, recorded the sudden labor on his cellphone as his mom screamed, “The baby’s coming out … the baby’s coming out!” 

“I’ve done ALOT of ‘things’ in the front seat of my vehicles,” Michael wrote on Facebook, according to Fox 5 Vegas. “But delivering a baby while driving AND with 3 crying kids in the back seat. Can I get a MVP or something!”

Incredibly,Rudia pulled her daughter Jolee out and held her against her chest until they reached the hospital. She is a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

It’s no wonder why this clip went viral with millions of views.

Note: This video contains sensitive material and strong language.

See the video here.

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