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Interesting Facts:

Goripalya Circle is a Highlight and trademark for the place Goripalya.

It is the First Thing that flashes in the mind when any localite or Auto Drivers or even bus drivers hear the word Goripalya.

Most of the Happening things happen at this place. May that be celebrating Birthday of B.Z Zameer Ahmed Khan Or any orchestra done by the people of goripalya. Any political camps and announcements.

Even when the celebrities from Bollywood Sandalwood and Tollywood visit Goripalya you will find a huge crowd filling up the whole circle.

As soon as you step into the goripalya circle you notice the Bus stop (see all the buses here which travel from and to goripalya) on the right hand side, and Auto stand on your left.

You will also see Indira Canteen, number of Chats stalls to your left such as Pani Puri, Bajji Stall,  Faluda Juice Stall.

On the front end you will see a Royal Restaurant, Royal Functional hall exact in the center. And Most Famous Zam Zam Tea Stall and Babu Bakery on the right front side (8th Main Road).

Beside Bus Stop you will see Govenment Girls School.

Masjid-E-Umar Farooq is the next thing you notice once you go further.

During Ramadan:

As it is Ramadan Month. you’ll see huge crowd in the goripalya during post Iftaar. Rushing for namaz, shopping for Eid, to have some snacks like samosa, hareera, pani puri etc.,

As this is the last Ashra of the holy month Ramadan, in the late nights you will see a lot of bikes and cars parked all over the goripalya circle. This is because of the Taaq Raat celebrated hugely in the Masjid-E-Umar Farooq to involve in a Precious Dua, And an Amazing Bayan from Hazrat Moulana PM Muzammil Sahab. Huge crowd gathers to attend his bayan sessions and to especially to be a part of his precious dua in the late night during taaq raat.

Well That’s All About Goripalya Circle.

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