Masjid E Umer Farooq

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Masjid E Umar Farooq is a holy place for offering Namaz for the people of goripalya.



It is located in 9th Main Road, Goripalya.

Masjid-E-Umar Farooq Is very famous for its own reasons and of course because of Hazrat Moulana PM Muzammil Sahab.

It became famous only after Hazrat Moulana Muzammil Sahab joined as a official Qateeb of this mosque. He already had a huge amount of followers a.k.a devotees, which increased the number of worshippers drastically increased on every Friday for Jumma Namaz Jumma Bayan from Muzammil Sahab.

Before 3 Years the mosque was not much big as of area size is considered, due to which people attending the Jumma namaz and Jumma Bayan had to sit even on the road opposite to masjid.

Today with the grace of god the mosque is large enough to the people not only from goripalya but also people from other other places who come here for Bayan during Jumma and Taaq Raat on Holy month of Ramadan.

Hazrat Mumtaz is the Imam of this mosque till date.  It’s so peaceful to offer Namaz behind him.

You will see huge crowd during Friday’s on Jumma Namaz

As it is Ramadan Month. you’ll see huge crowd on all the 5 times of Namaz.

As this is the last Ashra of the holy month Ramadan, in the late nights you will see a lot of bikes and cars parked all over the goripalya circle. This is because of the Taaq Raat celebrated hugely in the Masjid-E-Umar Farooq to involve in a Precious Dua, And an Amazing Bayan from Hazrat Moulana PM Muzammil Sahab. Huge crowd gathers to attend his bayan sessions and to especially to be a part of his precious dua in the late night during taaq raat.

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