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AHMEDABAD: The popular belief is that people with fat egos and deep pockets can easily walk into the power corridors of Gandhinagar and get things done in a jiffy. But the new chief minister is of the view that egos go for a toss and people have to be humble when working with the government in the state capital.
In a video that has gone viral, Bhupendra Patel, the newt chief minister of Gujarat and an ardent follower of the spiritual guru Dada Bhagwan, is seen sharing his life experiences at Trimandir at Adalaj a few months ago.
“People who go to Gandhinagar have to shed their ego. We have to go to government departments for work and so I know this,” he says.
“You cannot keep a fat ego and go there for work. People have to shed their ego before heading for Gandhinagar.”
He says this in a video address where he is seen speaking before Deepakbhai Desai, the spiritual guru who heads the Dada Bhagwan Foundation.
Little would Patel have imagined while giving this speech that he will soon be at the top post in Gandhinagar, beating several senior BJP leaders.
In the short video clip, Bhupendra Patel says that he was infected with Covid-19 and it took about two months to recover.
“This gave me an opportunity to read two books of Dada Bhagwan. After reading them I realized that had I not read them I would have really missed something very important in my life,” he says.
“When reading them, I felt as if Dada Bhagwan was narrating them to me in person.”

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