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The thing that pandemic has taught us above all is to keep our health first. And to do that, it is crucial to know how our body functions and notice little changes to know when you need attention.

Among the many scary cancers, bowel cancer or colon cancer is a common cancer in India and worldwide. But did you know there is actually a way you can keep a check on your body to know your risks? The method is known as BCA.

B stands for ‘bleeding from your bottom so always check after using toilet’
C stands for change in normal bowel habits that can last for more than 3-4 weeks
A stands for abdominal pain accompanied by severe fatigue and a feeling of a lump in one’s tummy.

If these signs persist for more than 3 weeks, it’s time for you to consult your doctor. We all know early diagnosis can save lives so it’s best to sound off your symptoms to your doctor.

Bowel cancer can also lead to unexplained weight loss without any effort. So one may not have changed the diet or done more physical activity, but still they may be losing kilos. Many a times bowel cancer also doesn’t allow one to feel fully relieved after emptying their bowel. They continue to feel like their stomach wasn’t fully emptied.

While this cancer is more common among people above 50, it can also occur at a younger age.

There is ongoing research globally ath the Institute of Cancer Research to develop a blood test that will help detect bowel cancer in its early stages, especially in those who have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This will cut down the need for invasive colonoscopies.

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