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HYDERABAD: From vacant wards about 10 days ago to three-five admissions daily in barely a week’s time, hospitalization of children with Covid-19 is seeing an upward trend in the city, leaving health experts worried.
Majority of the children getting infected have mild symptoms, including fever for a day or two with doctors saying that they possibly could have picked up the infection from family members.
“When we are testing kids, who have another family member unwell, nearly 50 per cent of them are testing positive. While usually such symptoms would not be checked, but now that the third wave has started, this is a cue for testing,” said Dr Preetam Kumar Reddy, consultant paediatrician and neonatologist, Rainbow Hospitals, Secunderabad.
The most common reason for diagnosis across the city has been a family member suffering from Covid-19, doctors said.
Family members who have symptoms should get tested and isolate themselves to break the chain of transmission,” Reddy added.
The spike in children with cold, cough and fever is sudden, said doctors in state-run Niloufer hospital, where children admissions and out-patient cases have increased over the last few days. “It is tough to differentiate between flu and Covid-19. In recent cases, most parents are vaccinated and infected with Covid-19 showing less symptoms. As a result, many kids are catching infection due to contact with other people at home showing similar symptoms,” said a doctor at the hospital.
With most school-going children showing symptoms for Covid-19, parents are being advised not to self-diagnose and treat. “Take opinion from a paediatrician and unless tested, every cold, cough and fever should be taken as Covid-19 symptom. Early diagnosis is the key to great outcome,” said Dr BVL Narasimha Rao, consultant neonatology and paediatrics, Apollo Children’s Hospital.
While cases are being seen in infants as young as three-month old, the ones getting admitted are largely due to requirement of respiratory support. “We have seen a marked upswing in cases in last few days, majority are outpatient cases or online consultations, although four-five admissions have also been there in last three-four days. These are for non-invasive oxygen support due to respiratory distress,” said Dr Satish Ghanta, Little Stars Children’s Hospital.

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