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INDORE: In a successful medical intervention, a team of 15 doctors at the Maharaja Yeshwant Rao Hospital (MYH) in Indore managed to extract three poisonous arrows from an elderly man.
The 60-year-old patient, hailing from Barwani district, was brought to MYH in critical condition with arrows lodged in his stomach, thigh, and hand. Dr. Arvind Ghanghoria, a professor in MYH’s Department of Surgery, explained that one of the arrows had penetrated eight inches into the patient’s stomach, resulting from an attack on Diwali night stemming from a monetary dispute.
Dr. Ghanghoria emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating that if the poisonous arrows had not been promptly removed, the patient’s life would have been at risk. Following the complex surgical procedure, the patient is now out of danger, and hospital officials anticipate his discharge in the near future.
It was noted that attacks involving bows and arrows are not uncommon in various parts of western Madhya Pradesh, and MYH is often the referral hospital for surgical treatment in such cases.
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