Exclusive: Riya Bhattacharje on receiving abusive comments on social media for Kabhie Kabhie Ittefaq Se; ‘They give me gaalis and say tu marr kyu nahi jaati’ – Times of India


Actress Riya Bhattacharje, who is currently seen as the negative lead (Akriti) in Kabhie Kabhie Iitefaq Se, spoke to ETimes TV exclusively about the show wrapping up and also all the hate comments she’s received for her role.

When asked how the response has been for her, Riya shared, “When I started, people used to hate me a lot. When I started working in the show, I didn’t realise the comments. Then I started receiving a lot of negative comments. But then people loved me in real life. I am glad and blessed to play this role.”

Ask her the meanest comments she’s received so far, she reacted, “Don’t even ask! I get gaalis, don’t even ask. People abuse me in DMs, their comments are like, ‘Tu marr kyu nahi jaati’, ‘Tu marrti kyu nahi’. Baaki abuses I can’t even say. I get such messages in my comment section to. Initially they would bother me a little. Then I started to ignore them and block them. I would wonder why are they abusing me because I am working so hard. But those people are stupid because I am just playing a character and not Akriti in real life. I just want to focus on the good things.”

About the show wrapping up early, Riya said, “Sadly, it is true that we are wrapping up. The show was supposed to go off-air long back but we got two-weeks extension. So we are happy that we got this extension.”

“When we started off, the show was a remake of the Bengali show. I was not a part of the show back then. Eventually from March, they changed the story. The production house mentioned that they are not following the story. While regionally that is a hit, rationally it wasn’t working out,” the actress said.

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