Exclusive: Shark Anupam Mittal’s wife Anchal Kumar is back to work; shares ‘I took a conscious decision to be with my child after embracing motherhood’ – Times of India


Anchal Kumar Mittal, who has been a model and actress at a young age, got married to Shark Tank India fame Anupam Mittal and she consciously took it slow to spend time with her family.
In an exclusive interaction with ETimes TV, Anchal, mom of one daughter, shared that now she is back to work full fledged.

Anchal said, “I am back to working now. I had taken a little bit of a break – a hiatus from modelling and other assignments. But now it is good to be back. I had started modelling when I was really really young and now thanks to social media, there are so many options.”
She added, “Over the years, I have done several music videos, reality shows, advertisements and all. I have been shooting for a whole lot of brands. I have endorsements and it is lovely to be on social media. We are creating reels and I am taking up brands that I identify with.”

When asked if she took the decision to resume work as daughter Alyssa has grown up a little bit, Anchal replied, “Yes, absolutely. That was a very conscious decision I made. We were four sisters and our mother gave us undivided attention. My mom did everything from chores to cooking and yet four of us would be dressed perfectly. I would be amazed to see how she would manage to do all things at once. During Alyssa’s growing up years, I wanted to be like my mom. I was very clear that whenever I embrace motherhood, I want to be beside my daughter every single moment till the time she is not able to communicate. This entire time with her has been a blessing.”

Anchal did Bigg Boss season 4 and covers lifestyle, luxury, fashion and beauty on social media. Anupam and Anchal have been married since 2013.

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