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BHOPAL: Police constable Rakesh Rana, who was suspended for unkempt hair and moustache, was reinstated on Monday, a day after news of his suspension made headlines.
The order regarding his reinstatement, issued by police headquarters, says his suspension order of January 7 ‘wasn’t issued by competent officials’, hence it stands cancelled. He has been told to join his department immediately.
Rana was suspended on the orders of the AIG, co-operative fraud and public service guarantee. He is posted as a driver at police headquarters. The suspension order had mentioned that his hair was too long and his moustaches were in a ‘weird fashion over his neck’. “He was instructed to trim his hair and moustaches in the proper way to improve his turnout. The constable did not adhere to the instructions and was adamant on keeping his hair and moustaches the same way, which is indiscipline,” it said.
On Sunday, constable Rana told mediapersons that he wouldn’t cut his moustache. “Senior officials said that I should get my moustache trimmed, but I cannot. I hail from a Rajput family, and moustaches are related to our self-respect. I will accept suspension but not remove my moustache,” he had said.

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