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NEW DELHI: US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti made a strong push for “deeper conversations” between India and the US on a regulatory framework on artificial intelligence.
In an interactive session organised by Observer Research Foundation, Garcetti said it could be an example of “multiplicative relationship” between the two democracies and stressed on the need to “get in front” of artificial intelligence (AI) to avoid facing undue consequences.
Garcetti pointed that although there have been serious discussions with India about the issue, there hasn’t been an official suggestion or proposal from either side yet.
Garcetti noted that US President Joe Biden had expressed strong views on the matter.
Last month, Biden issued an executive order that mandated AI manufacturers to provide the federal government with an assessment of their applications’ vulnerability to cyberattacks, the data used to train and test the AI and its performance measurements.
“If we don’t get in front of AI, the consequences, even if it is a small percentage of likelihood, of something catastrophic happening with our official intelligence could be sooner than we believe,” Garcetti said.
On the India-US 2+2 dialogue last week, Garcetti said both countries took important steps towards strengthening the major defence partnership which continues to grow and increasing the acceleration seen through initiatives such as the US-India roadmap in industrial cooperation and defence.

Garcetti stressed that New Delhi and Washington should deepen their Artificial Intelligence (AI) conversation and pushed for India-US collaboration and cooperation in emerging domains.
“…we sometimes just focus on weapons and what is being sold, or potentially co-developed, but the operational level of our militaries…is as critical as any equipment,” he said.
He also said the countries should “discuss ways to deepen our science and our technology partnerships to harness technology for the global good instead of technology that harms us and divides us.”

The US envoy mentioned that the joint statement issued after the 2+2 Dialogue reflected the resolve of both the countries to promote rules-based international order to safeguard a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific through the QUAD and other metrics, global issues.
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