Obc, Ews Quotas Cut Pg Med Seats For Gen Category By 42% | Mumbai News – Times of India


Mumbai: Competition for post-graduate medical seats just got intense. The implementation of the 27% other backward classes (OBC) and 10% economically weaker section (EWS) quota in the all-India seats has had a huge impact on post-graduate seats for the 2022 academic year.
As the seat matrix was released by the medical counselling committee on Friday, student intake in the general category has seen a 42% reduction, or 2,747 seats. In 2021, the all-India quota had 6,556 spots for open merit students. This year, those numbers are down to 3,809.
Moreover, what will make the admission process even tougher is that a general rule that was applicable till last year will no longer be possible now: If a particular branch in a public medical school has four seats, of which 50% or two will be for the all-India quota (AIQ), an open category candidate will now get a chance to join it once in two years, as rotational reservation will be put in place.

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