omicron: Social humour: Emergence of Covid strain combining Delta and Omicron sparks memefest on Twitter – Times of India


A strain of Covid-19 that combines Delta and Omicron has been found in Cyprus, according to Leondios Kostrikis, professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus and head of the laboratory of biotechnology and molecular virology.
The discovery was named “Deltacron” due to the identification of Omicron-like genetic signatures within the Delta genomes.

The sequences of the 25 “Deltacron” cases were sent to GISAID, the international database that tracks changes in the virus, on January 7.
With new Covid strains emerging at breakneck speed, Netizens flooded Twitter with memes to express their fear and irritation.

Happy new ‘fear’

Could this be the game?

Learning every day


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