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NEW DELHI: Finland has accused Kremlin of sending Middle Eastern and African migrants across its borders, following Finland’s decision to enhance defense cooperation with the United States. However, Russia has denied these allegations, reports Fox News.
Finland has witnessed around 300 migrants from Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Syria entering Finland this week, as reported by Reuters and confirmed by the Finnish Border Guard.In a bid to curb these, Finland has installed barricades along its border with Russia to prevent unrestricted entry.
The razor-wire barriers were installed at the Vaalimaa, Nuijamaa, Imatra, and Niirala border posts in southeast Finland around midnight on Friday, according to border officials.
After two individuals managed to breach the barriers and enter Finland, border authorities announced plans to enhance the barriers to prevent similar crossings.
Migrants, many without proper documentation and primarily from the Middle East and Africa, have reportedly arrived in Finland, seeking asylum. They are believed to have received assistance from Russian authorities in reaching the tightly controlled border zone.
Reports from Finnish and Russian media suggest that most of the migrants arrived at the border zone on bicycles provided and sold to them.

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