When KBC winner Sushil Kumar called winning Rs 5 cr the ‘worst phase of his life’; talked about bankruptcy and almost divorcing wife | The Times of India


He also penned down how his marriage was getting affected by all of this “Meanwhile, my wife and I had a huge spat after which, she left for her maternal home and asked for a divorce. It was then that I realised, if I have to save my marriage, I had to become a film director and earn myself a fresh identity. I spoke to a producer friend, who asked me some technical questions which I was unable to answer. He suggested that I work in the television space to understand the techniques better, and he would then give me a job with a film producer. Soon after, I started working at a big production house. I came to know about a lot of things – story, screenplay, dialogue copy, prop, costume, content among other things. But I felt restless since there were only three places — courtyard, kitchen, and bedroom – where most of the shoot would take place.”

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