yamuna: Devotees offer half km of saree to river Yamuna for clean water | City – Times of India Videos


Jan 11, 2022, 09:25AM ISTSource: TNN

With the wish of the nation’s health, happiness, and pure Yamuna water, the pooja of Shri Yamuna Maharani was performed in a Vedic manner at Raja Ghat in Mathura on Sunday. After this, the grand Chunari Manorath was completed. The decoration of Yamuna, done from one shore to the other with colorful chunaris, was supposed to give immense and supernatural bliss to the devotees. Pandit Amit Bhardwaj, who was present in the form of Acharya in the program, told that this event had been organized for the welfare of the people and freedom from the corona epidemic and for this purpose that pure water should come in Yamuna Ji soon. Devotees who participated in Chunari Manorath gave information about the meaning of Chunari Manorath in Lalji Bhai Shastri.

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