K’taka CM Basavaraj Bommai Faces Flak For Calling Moral Policing ‘Natural Action-Reaction’


Karnataka Chief Minister, Basavaraj Bommai, is under fire for his recent comments on incidents of moral policing in the state. On Wednesday, media persons sought Bommai’s reaction to BJP MLA Umanath Kotian escorting two people accused in a ‘moral policing’ incident out of a police station, after their release on interim bail, and Bommai said that moral policing is the ‘natural action and reaction’ when sentiments are hurt.

Bommai said, “This is a very sensitive matter. In society, all of us have to be responsible. There are many sentiments and one must behave in a way that doesn’t hurt such sentiments. When sentiments are hurt, naturally, actions and reactions are bound to happen.”

He further added, “Along with government responsibility to ensure law and order, everyone needs to be responsible, everyone must co-operate. Youngsters must ensure the sentiments of society aren’t hurt. This is a societal’s issue. Can we live without morality? What’s in our control is our morality. When there’s no morality, there will be actions and reactions.”

This recent remark on moral policing, made by Bommai is in sharp contrast to his earlier statements. Bommai had previously said that his government would deal with incidents of moral policing with an iron hand, after one such incident came to light in Bengaluru, in September.

Bommai’s recent remark has been vehemently criticised, not only on social media but also in political circles. Former Chief Minister of the state and Congress leader Siddaramaiah in a series of tweets questioned Bommai’s capacity to maintain law and order in the state.

“You have accepted your incapability to maintain law and order by justifying moral policing by a few anti-social elements. Please resign and save Karnataka. Innocent women are being targetted in Karnataka and you are protecting anti-social elements,” he tweeted.

Siddaramaiah also asked if the Chief Minister was planning to dissolve the police department and hand over law and order to the RSS or if he was planning to establish Junge Raj.

Responding to this, Bommai took to Twitter and called Siddaramaiah ‘the icon of anti Hindus.

“While you were the CM you became the icon of anti-Hindus by getting killed Hindu activists as Tippu Sultan did in his regime, I need not learn administration or policing from you, we have an able police force to tackle the law and order which was sitting ducks under ur government,” he tweeted.

“All I said was in our society there will be a reaction to every action and law will take its own course unlike in your tenure Hindus we’re killed right left and Center, you need to hold a mirror to yourself, God knows how you sleep with blood on your hands,” he added.

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