‘Some People Are Just Travellers’: Dilip Ghosh on Growing Churn in Bengal BJP


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) seems to be witnessing a rebellion in West Bengal. On Sunday, Union Minister Shantanu Thakur held a party meeting at his residence, days after he quit the WhatsApp group of the Bengal BJP, sparking intense speculation in the political corridors of the state.

All those who attended the meeting at his residence were dissident Bengal BJP leaders. The list of invitees included Ritesh Tiwari, Sayantan Basu, and Jayaprakash Majumdar. However, the BJP leadership is reluctant to comment on the closed-door meeting.

According to reports, Thakur left the BJP group since he was dissatisfied with the state BJP leadership ignoring the Matua sect. Before Thakur, five other BJP Matua leaders quit the group. Although most senior BJP leaders are keeping mum, all-India BJP vice-president Dilip Ghosh spoke about the matter on Monday.

Dilip Ghosh, who was out on a morning walk in the Eco Park on Monday morning, said, “Sometimes I feel like leaving the group. But it won’t serve any purpose other than attracting media attention.” Targeting Shantanu, he said that it was better for all the problems to be solved inside the team, rather than creating a spectacle outside. “Some people are not politicians, they are travellers,” he said, targeting people who change their parties too often.

“He is the Union Minister. Anyone can meet him. There is nothing wrong with this, I have said it before as well,” he added.

On Sunday, Abhishek Banerjee, the Trinamool Congress General Secretary announced the postponement of his Goa visit. According to party sources, he changed his plans because of the prevailing Covid-19 situation.

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